What Are Our Favorite Movers Up To Now?

It seems every time I see U-Save Moving and Storage they are doing something never thought of before or improving on what they are have been doing. These guys really know what they are doing when it comes to marketing.

See what they are up to now.

Professional Local And Long Distance Moving

If you are moving in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, Ann Arbor or Flint Michigan areas or any points in between, then you need to be sure to call U-Save Moving and Storage!

U-Save Moving and Storage are Mid-Michigan Movers that can do it all for cheaper than the other guys:

We also service the greater Lansing area like Grand Ledge, Diamondale, Eaton Rapids, Charlotte, Potterville, Dewitt, St. Johns, East Lansing, Haslett, Okemos, Holt, Portland, Ionia, Mason, Bath and all points in between.

So remember U-Save Moving and Storage when you are looking for the top budget movers in Lansing, MI

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The Best Cheap Licensed And Insured Moving Company In Grand Rapids, MI

Which movers in Grand Rapids, MI are the best?

Again we head to our perennial favorites — U-Save Moving and Storage of Grand Rapids!

If you recall our favorite movers in Lansing, MI was none other than U-Save Moving and lo and behold we have that very same company showing up as our favorite Grand Rapids movers.

How is that possible?


When you are the best its easy to dominate the top of the movers list each and every time for every city that you operate in.

For instance, we know that they operate in Flint, Battle Creek, Ann Arbor and Jackson, MI as well as the cities and towns in between.

You shouldn’t be surprised if you see this company show several times in other cities as well. Just a fair warning for you.


That is just one of their 100’s of verifiable video reviews and mover reviews that these guys get each and every day.

Local moving?

Yep. They do that.

Long Distance Moving?

Yep again. They do that as well.

They can do anything that you need when it comes to your moving needs

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If I were I’d call them immediately for my move. I wouldn’t waste time.

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Top Lansing Moving Company Is?

So who is the best local moving company in Lansing, MI?

Well it’s none other than U-Save Moving and Storage of course.

They have been in business since 2008 and they have been going strong ever since having moved 1000’s of people, and some local celebrities as well like Tim Barron et al.

Of course some of the other movers may disagree with this assessment but lets look at the facts shall we:

  1. They have 100’s of verifiable video reviews. No other local Lansing mover has 1.
  2. They are highly rated with an “A” in the BBB. Most of the other moving companies are not even part of the BBB.
  3. USMAS is highly rated in the third party social media sites like Facebook, Yelp etc.
  4. They are licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind.
  5. Not only are they a local moving company but they do long distance moves as well.

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Above you see one of their most recent Facebook testimonials. This is just one of many. But the the meme below kind of says it all when it comes to their service

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History of U-Save Moving and Storage

U-Save Moving and Storage started out very humbly. Having no experience in the moving industry, Jae Burnham the owner, whom was living with his father at the time, only had a pay-as-you-go phone and a FORD Explorer. He had to go to the local library to use the computers (which he could only use at 1/2 hour at a time) to make his ads that he placed on Craigslist.

He had booked his first job after placing his first ad on Craigslist after only 10 minutes. He had to scramble and find a friend that would help him as he did not have any employees at all.

And that was the beginning of U-Save Moving and Storage.

In that time, USMAS has grown to be the premier leader for the Local Lansing Moving Companies.

In my humble opinion there is no question as to whom is the best local Lansing moving company. It is U-Save Moving and Storage.

Who Is Your Favorite Local Movers?

Man there are so many great local movers that it becomes overwhelming to even be able to choose a good one. Am I right?

Who are your favorite local movers?

Yeah…I really do want to know. It’s not a rhetorical question at all.

Me I have my favorite.

Do you choose a local company or a local national van line company? Do you choose a franchise or independent movers?

Me personally I like the independent moving companies the best. I find that they will work harder but there are good national franchise movers that are also good. I won’t name them here but you know who I am speaking about.

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So where do you find your local movers?

Where do you find your moving company of choice? Do you use Craigslist? How about the Yellowpages? Did you find your movers from a postcard?

Most people find their moving company through a friend or relative. Is that how you found your guys?

C’mon dude don’t let me down here.